27TH APRIL 2020 AUNG TA GON was hired to install wall speakers at ARR THIT GYM. A GYM must have good training equipment and good AUDIO SYSTEM.

-6TH  JULY 2020 Aung Ta Gon got the installation of wall speakers from DR.K. The owner of DR.K came to Aung wall to install wall speakers in his shop.

6.NOVEMBER.2020. AUNG TA GON have received a KTV project called HEART ZOOM. This ktv is located in PALEIK city. HEART ZOOM KTV had 5 rooms and each room was equipped with VALTEC TUBE SOUND AUDIO SYSTEM.

29.AUGUST.2020. AUNG TA GON have received a KTV project called IF. IF KTV had 16 rooms and each room was equipped with ATK AUDIO SYSTEM.

On 27 / January / 2019, AUNG TA GON AUDIO CENTER held a product show and LIVESOUND TRAINNING event at the event, which showcased ATK PROFESSIONAL  Demonstration was also held.

1TH JUNE 2018 AUNG TA GON provided installation of speakers at the Bayintnaung Wedding Hall in madaya city.

IN MAY 2020,MANDALAY REGION MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT AFFAIRS need audio meeting system for important meeting,

13,JULY,2020 On the 13th, PEC PRIVATE SCHOOL received a project to install wall speakers. PEC FOUNDER decided to install speakers in every room of his school.

Yadanarbon School holds water festivals after school during the following months. Many students come to the festival and greet the teachers.

Covid- 19 🦠🦠🦠 Defense of Myitkyina

From Aung Ta Gon (Audio Center) for inspiration

Karuna mission social solidarity

On November 1, 2019, Aung Ta gon participated as an audio sponsor at PULL MAN HOTEL MANDALAY as an ENGAGING CEREMONY.

Our Aung Tagun Audio Center has installed two four-horn, four-horn and two-amplifier amplifiers on the two ships to launch a safe sermon on the ship carrying the Kyauk Sit Buddha statue to be worshiped in Nay Pyi Taw.

On 29 May 2020, AUNG TA GON installed an AMPLIFIER to use the ceiling speakers at the plaza. The LIVESOUND QG-6250 AMPLIFIER model was installed.

On 10, Jan, 2021, AUNG TA GON received a project to install wall speakers at happy garden restaurant The owner, Ko Ye, himself came to AUNG TA GON and invited him to come and see the sound system because his shop was about to open.

On 30 Jan 2021, AUNG TA GON received the installation of FDB speakers at Mandalay Division Hluttaw Assembly Hall.

This Project system started at 3,12,2021.
This project install for two parts, indoor & outdoor sound system

This project for Wolve Nest Club from Lashio Myanmar
Aung Ta Gon Audio Center manage for Sound System, LED & Lighting System.
All Audio System is fully setup with ATK Professional Audio

This project for Ordinary Bar from Nay Pyi Taw
Aung Ta Gon Audio Center manage for sound system, LED & Lighting System
All speaker system is fully setup with Martin audio London brand

This project for 95’ bar from Nay Pyi Taw

Aung Ta Gon Audio center manage for sound system
All audio speaker is setup with Martin Audio London brand

This project is for “Shwin Thar O Restaurant” from Mandalay

This Sound System & Lighting system are intended for wedding halls, small events, and halls..
Installed for China version and Myanmar version so that can sing karaoke.