UHF series is a wireless microphone specially designed for KTV room application. It works in UHF

band. It adopts the design of wireless transmitting and receiving circuit of KT chip to ensure more

stable transmission and perfect sound quality. The built-in balance mode and ultra-high sensitivity

dynamic flavor make singing easy and easy. UHF series provides 200 optional channels, which

can meet the needs of multiple sets in TV entertainment places without interference. With the

leading automatic frequency scanning technology, you can search the clean frequency points in the

environment with one click. Advanced infrared frequency technology makes the setting more loose,

fast and simple.


Product features:

1 Streamline design, user-triendly intertace, beautiful and generous.

2.The receiver has the functions of one key frequency search and one key synchronization,

which is convenient and fast to use

3.UHF ultra high frequency band, avoid interference, more stable transmission.

4 .Upto 200 optional frequency points are provided to meet the simultaneous use of multiple systems.

5.Using high performance wireless audio processing chip, ultra-low distortion sound processing circuit design.

6.Wide frequency dynamic output technology, easy singing, show the best dynamic performance.

7 Infrared frequency technology to achieve fast frequency.

8.Separate module design, handheld microphone, battery more convenient.

9.Perfect battery status indication circuit, accurate prompt battery capacity.

10 Built in microcomputer battery management module circuit to protect the battery from damage.

  1. Suitable for KTV singing hall, teaching speech and family entertainment.







Carrier frequency 640-690 MHL 640-690 MHZ
Carrier bandwidth 25MHZ 25 MHZ
Modulation FM FM
Response range 100-10000HZ 100-10000HZ
THD@1KHZ typ. <0.5% typ. <0.5%
S/N typ. 100 dB(A) typ. 100 dB(A)
Transmitting power 10mW, 5mW
Supply voltage 2×1.5v battery 5 The power adapter 12V 1 500 mA
Working hours >8hr
Audio output XLR balanced output, 6.3mm unbalanced output: from microphone Switch to line level. Rated stroke output level: 500mv eff
Size ©35 x 250 mm 420×170 X43mm
Package size 560(L)x36/(W) X 75(H)mm
Package weight 2000g




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