ASOUND PP-712 New Model


Technical Specifications

Audio output power : 150W
Frequency range : 700-800MHz
Signal to noise ratio : ≥80dB
Power source voltage : AC220V 50Hz/DC 12V7Ah
Mode of receiving : FM
Output impedance : 600 ohm
Velocity of tape : 4.76cm/S
Steady decree of fluctuation : ≤0.5%
Steady decree frequency : ±0.005%(-20°C-40°C)
Distortion : <0.5%(10dBuV)
Frequency response : 150Hz-15000HZ

Temperature : -20°C-40°C
Battery : 1.5Vcasc
about 25mA
Transmitter power : about 10mW
Mixed wave power : <50dBm

Main System
Output signal : wire MIC, wireless MIC (x 1 or x 2 optional)
Output signal : 3.5 audio output x 1
Speaker : 4 ohm, 12 inches full sound area
Effective distance : diameter 100M
Internal battery : DC 12V/7Ah
Weight : 13KG
Measure : 35x31x58 mm
Input power source : AC220V50Hz

-good used for live sound / stage show/ public address/home used
-used for moving performance, clubs, multi-purpose hall, theatre and stadium


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