(1) Audio output:
6.35mm male header.
(2) Power switch:
Push up to open, push down to close.
(3) Charging interface:
Use USB data cable to charge.
(4) Receiving antenna:
Receive the signal from the transmitter.
(5) A channel indicator:
The signal light is on when the A channel receives the signal.
(6) B channel indicator light:
The signal light is on when channel B receives a signal.
(7) Power indicator:
When the receiver is turned on, it shows red, when charging It displays blue and the battery is full and the light goes out.
(Please turn off the receiver power switch when charging)
(8) Battery cover:
Built—in 18650 replaceable battery, turn on the battery
Replace the pool cover directly.

Bandwidth : 50MHz
Maximum deviation frequency : ±48KHz
Modulation : Digital modulation
Frequency response range : 50Hz-15KHz
Signal to noise ration (S/N) : >95dB
Receiver Voltage : 3.7V lithium battery
Transmitter voltage : 1.5V (2xAA battery)
Working distance : ≥30M


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