LiveSound LS-900


Model LiveSound LS-900
For System Indicator
Frequency Range 740-790MHz
Modulation Broadband FM
Adjustable range 50MHz
Number of channels 200
Channel spacing 250KHz
Frequency stability +0. 005%Within
Dynamic Rang 100dB
Audio response 80Hz-18KHz(‡3dB)
Integrated signal to noise ratio >105dB
Integrated distortion <0. 5%
Operating temperature -10C–+40C
For Receiver Metrics
Receiver mode secondary frequency superheterodyne
IF frequency: 1st IF: 110MHz. Second IF 10.7MHz
Wireless interface BNC/502
Sensitivity 12 dB u V (80dBS/N)
Sensitivity adjustment range 12-32 dB u V
Spurious Suppression ≥75dB
Maximum output level +10dBV
For Transmitter indicator
Output power high power 30mW; low power 3mW
Spurious Suppression -60dB
Power supply two AA batteries
Use time 30mW greater than 10 hours, 3mW greater than 15 hours