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Product parameter

Host working voltage: DC—12V—14V2A
Working current: 600HA
Power consumption: 5W
Receiving sensitivity: -105DBM
Audio output voltage: 1V
Transmitting power: >+10DBM (10MW)+
Microphone power consumption: 120MA
Receiving effective distance: 60-80 meters in a
barrier-free straight line
Audio response: 50HZ-_15KHZ
Frequency stability: +-0.001%
Adjacent channel interference suppression: >60DB Signal to noise ratio: S/N: >100DB
Polar pattern : Cardioid
Distortion THD:0DBM (1V)

Operation and function display of conference microphone
Conference microphone ID matching operation
(Products are generally matched before leaving the factory, the user just turn on the
power to use it. If you change the WIFI channel or add a new microphone, you need to
re-match the ID.)
The first step is to turn off the conference host.
The second step is to turn on the microphone that needed to be matched. At
this time, the microphone displays F–as shown in the figure
The third step is to turn on the power of the host, press the WIFl button, and
then press the code potentiometer, and wait for the host to search
automatically. The microphone will be flashing and automatically turned off.
The fourth step is to turn on the microphone again and it is ready to use.

Product Introduction

1. The project installation is easy and simple. The meeting room/studio with 32 people
basically does not need to be debugged, and the project installation can be completed
2. The operation is extremely simple, and the one-button function enter operation is clear
at a glance.
3. Frequency automatic tracking and locking function, no need to connect the frequency,
the conference microphone can be used immediately.
4 . Built-in 60 WIF| communication channels, multiple machines can be used at the same
time without interference.
5. Built-in 520 speech channels, completely avoid interference.
6. Built-in moderate howling suppression function, which can effectively reduce the
degree of howling.
7. Built-in advanced frequency sweep algorithm, to scan the use environment and
automatically select the non-interference frequency for use.
8. Built-in advanced encryption communication algorithm completely eliminates
communication errors and erroneous actions.
9. Built-in power monitoring function. The conference microphone displays the battery
level in real time.
10 . Built-in chairman priority function.
11 Intelligent speaking authority control. Supporting 4 people to speak at the same time,
up to 12 units first in first out.
12. The conference microphone unit has an automatic shutdown function. If the main unit
is powered off for more than 30 seconds, the conference unit will automatically turn
13 Full wireless transmission and control network. The user Just need to connect the host
power supply and audio output to the amplifier, then it is ready to use.
14. Handheld microphones and conference microphones can be mixed use.

Scope of application
1. Conference room of government agencies
2. Bank and Hotel Meeting Room
3. School broadcasts, conferences, theatrical performances, etc.
4. Folk orchestra, outdoor performances
5. Wedding programs.
6. Radio programs, forums, etc.
7. TV shows, guest comments, etc.