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ATK RA-125 (170×44)


Only use the power adapter provided by this machine, and confirm whether the connected power supply voltage is consistent with the requirements of the adapter. If you use a power adapter provided by other suppliers, the machine may be damaged. This machine uses 220VAC power supply voltage. Using other voltages may cause fire and malfunction.

1 Do not place the machine in a location with high temperature, humidity, dust, or contact with liquid substances to avoid malfunction.

Please do not bump, throw or vibrate the machine. to avoid damaging the machine.

Do not open, touch or modify the receiver, transmitter and power adapter. There is nothing inside that can be modified by the user. If the machine fails, it can only be repaired by an authorized maintenance center.

2 During use, if you find anything unusual, such as smoke, odor, etc., please unplug the power adapter immediately and send the product to an authorized maintenance center for repair.

3 When inserting the battery, do not reverse the negative pole of the battery or insert it backwards. Please remove the battery from the transmitter when the unit is not used for a long time.

It is strictly prohibited to use batteries with damaged shell insulation materials, otherwise it may cause a short circuit. When disposing of batteries, do not throw them away, please put them into the designated recycling bin.

This machine is marked with a danger warning sign “This sign is a warning of dangerous live electricity; external wires connected to ports marked with such signs need to be installed by instructed personnel or use ready-made bow wires or flexible wires.

5 If you are not leaving the working machine for a short period of time, please turn off the machine. Unplug the power adapter and never leave the machine on.

For adequate ventilation, the minimum gap around the equipment is 10CM.

6If the power supply is used as the disconnecting device, it should be maintained so that it can be easily operated to disconnect the adapter from the mains power supply. No exposed flame source, such as a lighted candle, should be placed on the unit.

The unit should not be exposed to water drops or splashes, and objects filled with liquids such as vases should not be placed on the unit.

In order to avoid damage to the machine, please do not install it in the following places:

※ Direct sunlight;

※Dusty place;

※High temperature place

※ Places with high oil smoke or fog.

Do not place other machines on top of this machine or cover it with cloth or paper to avoid poor ventilation and temperature rise.

Too high and damage the machine.

Non-technical personnel are not allowed to open the case and explore its interior, as there is a danger of voltage.

When cleaning the machine, do not spray water or detergent directly on the machine. You must use a soft cloth to clean the machine.

Sticky wipe.

Do not step on or pull on the power cord.

This unit is intended for use in tropical or temperate climates.

Batteries (battery packs or combined batteries) must not be exposed to sunlight, fire or similar overheating environments


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