1.1 Features
1. Using 32-bit high-performance DSP and AD I DA, 24-bit, 48K sampling pure digital professional KTV front effects.
2. Unique microphone feedback fake algorithm, there are 4 levels of intensity adjustable.
3. professional singing echo effect.
4. Variety of optional reverb effect, there are hall/room/board room three types, to meet different requirements.
5. Microphone actuators make singing easy.
6. With audio processor function, with ultra-fine delay adjustment.
7. Fiber and coaxial audio digital input interface, get a more perfect source.
8. Music tone function, at any time to meet the requirements of different singers; instant and automatic subwoofer to strengthen the dance mode.
9. Convenient two kinds of mixing mode, one for the simple mode for the traditional KTV function, the other for the advanced mode for audio processor function.
10. Enhanced switch mute function, no longer for the switch machine noise and damage the speaker and worry.

1.2 Product Features
1. 4-group microphone input, microphone high-pass filter and low-pass filter with dual microphone input, MIC A and MIC B, dual independent 15-segment parametric equalization.
2. Stereo analog music input, 15-segment parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter.
3. 3 groups of audio and video automatically priority input, background music 8GM function.
4. 6 independent channel output, each channel can be independent of the mix, high and low frequency divider, the main output and surround the 7-segment parametric equalization, the home 7 and ultra low Tone 5 segment parameter balance, delay, pressure limit, polarity change, volume adjustment, mute.
5. Manager, user and primary mode, password management; password key lock function.
6. Has 10 groups of user parameters stored and called. ‚
7. VOD VOD control interface, wireless infrared remote control and wire control function.
8. WIFI wireless connection (optional), free drive USB interface, real-time through the PC software to control all parameters.



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