ATK AR-700

Wireless Microphone


Important safety tips
Equipment system
(1)Please read these instructions carelully and keep them properly.
(2)Please heed all warnings and follow all instructions in the instructions for use.
(3)Cleaning operations on the device may only be carried out after the device has been disconnected from the power supply.
(4)Please use a clean, soft cloth to clean the device.
(5)Please use only additional equipment and accessory parts recommended by the company.
(6)All maintenance work must be performed by specially trained maintenance personnel. Maintenance is required when the device or external power adapter has been damaged in any way, when liquid or foreign objects have penetrated into the device or external power adapter, or when the device has been exposed to rain, when the device does not work or is shut down.

Warning: Please do not use the device and external power adapter near water. Do not use the device and external power adapter in rain or humid conditions. There is a risk of fire and electric shock.

Please only use the provided external power adapter.
(1)The external power adapter should be unplugged from the socket in the following situations: when the device is disconnected from the power supply, when there is a storm, or when the device is not used for an extended period of time.
(2)Only connect the external power adapter to a power supply type that corresponds to the data specified in the “Technical data” chapter. Pay attention to ensure that the external power adapter is in good condition and stored in an easy-to-find place, plugged tightly into the socket, only used within the allowed temperature range, not covered by other objects or exposed to sunlight for a long time to prevent excessive temperature.
(3)Please do not cover the vents. Please install the device according to the instructions for use.
(4)Do not place the device and external power adapter near heat sources, such as radiators,heat pipes,ovens or other devices (including amplifiers). Please ensure that the external power adapter does not cause damage to the connected outlet or extension cable,
otherwise there is a risk of fire or electric shock. Excessive volume can damage your hearing.

Do not place the device’s external power adapter near heat sources such as radiators, heat pipes, ovens or other devices
(including amplifiers).
Please take out the battery when not using it for a long time.

channel system
The UHF band contains multiple different frequency ranges for frequency transmission, with more than 1,000 frequencies in each range.
* The transmitters have a relatively wide frequency range and can cover ranges A and B at the same time.
* Each frequency range has 100 channel groups (1 channel group is 2 channels, a total of 200 channels), and each channel is equipped with a preset frequency (fixed frequency) at the factory. The preset frequency cannot be changed, and there is no intermodulation interference between two channels in the same channel combination.
The latest frequency data sheets can be downloaded from our website.
Frequencies other than the preset frequencies can be used. There may be intermodulation interference between these frequencies.

Equipment cleaning and maintenance
Liquids can damage your device’s electronics!
Liquid may seep into the case and cause electronic components to short out.
The device must not come into contact with any liquid
Before starting cleaning, unplug the device from the power source. Please clean the device regularly with a slightly damp soft cloth. Never use solvents or cleaning agents.
The mesh head, mesh cotton and microphone windproof cotton must be removed before cleaning. Neutral cleaning agent can be used.

Liquids can damage the capsule assembly!

Audio characteristics
S/N Ratio≥ 110dBA
Total harmonic distortion ≤ 0.9%

External Power Adapter
Input voltage – 100 to 240-50/60Hz
Power/current consumption- 12VA max 350mA
Output Voltage -12V-1A
Temperature – (-10 degree centigrade to +40 degree centigrade)

Modulation – broadband FM
Receive Frequency range – the receiving frequency range can be tuned in 25Hz steps
Nominal deviation – 24KHz /48KHz
Receiver working principle- 2times IF Automatic selection
Power supply – (-12V)
Current consumption-300mA
size – 486x172x44mm
Weight – About 1800g

Frequency range -640-690MHz
Transmission frequency-25 KHz step size tuning is available within the frequency range
Nominal deviation – 24KHz/48KHz
Frequency stability -<15ppm
High frequency output power-Typical value 10Bm
Temperature range-(-10 degree centigrade to +55 degree centigrade)
Power supply -2AA type 1.5V batteries