Amarapura Icon (Water fountain Sound System Project)

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This project for Amarapura icon (Water fountain Sound System Project)

This project is a sound system for amarapura icon (water fountain project) in Mandalay.
The Water Fountain garden is 500 feet wide.
In this area, a good sound system and projector laser animations from the water fountain have been installed in order to be heard in harmony and balance.
In this water fountain graden area, many audience will come to see ,so a sound system has been built so that it can be heard throughout the arena.
In this construction, LineArrays were mainly used, and installed to hear both near and far well at the same time.
21" subwoofers have been built in to hear the taste of the sound system more vividly.
Shure Extender Antennas were used to make announcements around the water fountain area with a microphone.
In the Sound Design section, ATK audio engineers drew and installed a systematic sound design using Ease Focus software so that it could be heard throughout the arena.
In the audio cable section, to improve neatness and strength, we installed PPC covers to communicate through drains.
Spare cables were placed and installed in advance for errors that may occur if the installation takes too long.
As for the Sound System, LineArrays are used for good sound distribution, and Truss poles compatible with the Array System are used.
Amarapura Icon, which is designated as one of the best places to visit in Manlay, is a place where parents can relax and enjoy.
ATK Pro-212M -4pair
ATK PA-1215 -2pair
LA8Green SC7.4 (4Channel)-1pcs
LA8Green SC5.4 (4Channel) -1pcs
Behringer XR-18 digital -1pcs
Behringer Touch -1pcs
ATK LM848RTS speaker Management-1pcs
ATK DT-18 power sequence-1pcs
Shupro US-823 wireless mic -1pcs
Shure UA845/UA 874 WB Antenna Receiver -1 set
Rack mount 12U(2layer) -1 pcs
MK400x400 (20feet) -1pcs